Healey Barn wedding videography and photography

Healey barn is a lovely venue set in Ryton in the North East of England. If you are reading this then you probably already know how nice of a venue this is to have your wedding and possibly already have booked for your wedding to be had there with open fields and plenty of space and fresh air for all your guests. If you are on a lookout for the perfect photographer or videographer for the venue then you are at the right place. With the current times we understand how hard it must be for some people so for a limited time we are offering a special offer for couples having their wedding at Healey Barn and booking us. Normally the price for videography or photography is £1199 but we are offering it for £999 for any couples that book with us for this lovely location.

Have a look at past weddings we have had the pleasure to work there and get in touch with any questions and to check our availability.

We Love Portraits.

We love a good portrait so we will always take a lovely portrait of you and your partner on your wedding day if you decide to book us for your wedding photography. Please do feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to just have a chat about what we can offer for your wedding.


Terry Mona Wedding lumley castle 19 Jonnee Shek wedding Photography

Terry Mona Wedding lumley castle 65 Jonnee Shek wedding Photography



Let’s have a chat

Why not drop us a message and lets have a chat about how we can help capture your wedding and help you relive your day again and again.

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Regret Nothing – book now

We always hear stories that the biggest regret couples have when planning their wedding is not including a videographer in their budget and subsequently not being able to book one for their wedding.

Videography creates a whole different perspective and captures your wedding in a way that sometimes a still image is just not able to convey. You should always include videography within your wedding budget and leave yourself with no regrets.

Check out our trailer and get in touch if you are interested to chat about how we can help capture your wedding and availability. Don’t forget that we also offer wedding photography so why not save the hassle and book us together.

We cover all over the UK based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We have shot at many locations not limited to Northumberland, Durham, Teeside, Edinburgh, Carlisle and more.

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Jesmond Dene House Weddings

Did you know that one of our favourite venues around Newcastle Upon Tyne is Jesmond Dene House? Check out this teaser for a wedding we filmed there.

Having your wedding there and looking for a wedding videographer or photographer? Then why not get in touch and see what we are able to offer. I’m sure we will not disappoint.

2019 Teaser

If you are interested in what we do in a quick snapshot then check out our wedding teaser video and get in touch if you are interested in booking us for your wedding.

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Last minute bookings.

Never be afraid to ask our availability no matter how late it is in your wedding plans (even if it is the night before). There is no harm in asking and we will be more than happy to help as long as we are available and can make it to help with everything we can at your wedding. So please do get in touch if you would like your wedding filmed by us.

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What to look out for when booking your videographer

There are many reasons why someone may hire a videographer for their wedding and the outcome was not what they were expecting. So here’s a few things to look out for to make sure you hire the right people to capture your special day.

Don’t go for Quantity over Quality

What you should look out for is not how much “stuff” you get out at the end and focus more on “stuff” that you do get.

Stick to your gut instinct

If you like a style of video a videographer creates then most likely they will be the right guy for you. Don’t go round asking other videographers if they could mimic that videographers style as most likely they will say yes just to book the work and the result is not anything like you wanted. Book the first guy even if it is a little more expensive. It is an investment after all.

Book them even if it is a little over budget

We understand that everyone has a budget and not every videographer fits within your budget. If that is the case I would even go as far as saying if you were going to book someone cheaper but you didn’t really like their work but booked them based solely on price then you would probably be better off saving the money and using it elsewhere. Book the more expensive guy even if it breaks the budget.

LASTLY, Do not leave it to last minute

Couples tend to leave the videographer last to see if they fit in the budget and that is one of the biggest DON’Ts. I hear a lot of stories where couples regret not booking a video for the wedding simply because they left it too late or they simply didn’t have the budget for it. If you plan your videographer early chances you can then figure your budget more clearly and you will also be able to book the videographer that you wanted for your wedding.

These are just a few key points to look out for when planning your wedding. If our work is of interest to you then why not drop us a message and we can discuss a little more about your wedding.

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Don’t be fooled

A lot of couples have a misunderstanding of modern videography. They think that it’s like a tv production with many people disturbing the peacefulness of the wedding holding big production cameras but you’d think wrong. Videographers of today have very minimal equipment no more than what a photographer would have really.

That’s what we aim to achieve when we capture a wedding. Being discrete and next to none disturbance throughout the day. You might not even notice that we are there.

Look at this review from a couple that had their wedding at Newton Hall.

“Jonnee was brilliant on our day just what you would want from your videographer, behind the scene capturing all the perfect moments. Jonnee made us feel comfortable and most of the time we forgot he was even there. We will treasure our wedding video forever.”

If you have any hesitance in booking us for your wedding why not get in touch first and ask any questions that you may have. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


Healey Barn

Healey Barn has got to be one of our favorite locations for weddings in the North East. Here are a couple of weddings we have captured there in the past.

Here is a Teaser Trailer for a wedding at Healey Barn.

And here is a Full length Highlight of a different wedding.

If you are having a wedding at Healey Barn and are looking for a photographer or videographer then feel free to get in touch as see what we are able to offer.